Job training


1 to adhere to the systematic development of talents, pay attention to the combination of development and cultivation, targeted to do a good job of all kinds of personnel training.

2 implementation of tutor management system. By the core personnel department designated special tutor, develop training plan, determine the training mode and carry out daily counseling, work support and periodic evaluation, etc.. So that each core talent to achieve a project, progress, and evaluation. And the tutor to increase the project commitment to support and support, so that the overall quality of the project exercise to get continuous improvement.

3. Human resources departments are responsible for the talent development system research, the core talented person's total control, target identification and summarizing all kinds of talents training, comprehensive analysis, training department responsible for training needs, integrate training resources, according to the training plan to develop specific training plan and according to the progress of the organization implementation.

4 training methods focus on:

Outstanding difference training. According to the core talents in the professional characteristics and the lack of special skills, the development of a gradual special skills training program.

Key implementation of personalized training. According to the comprehensive ability of the staff to improve the requirements, according to the degree of challenge to work, so that everyone has a project, a topic, a chance to exercise.

To clarify the time and the standard of the completion of the projects..