[R&D Engineers]
1. Major in chemical engineering、chemical、materials chemistry.
2. With more than 3 years experience in Rare earth industry, experience in rare earth phosphor is preferred.
3. Know about chemical equipment , with good theoretical basis and practical experience.
4. With reading the related information skills.
5. With good Analysis ability, Team cooperation ability, responsibility.
Job descriptions:
1. Responsible for reaching and producing, and responsible for safety.
2. Collecting related materials, improving the performance.
3. Give oral and written reports to leader.
4. Provide technical support for salesman.
[Sales engineers]
1. College and above education degree, major in chemistry or related fields.
2. With above 2 years work experience, more than 1 year sale experience,  experience in rare earth is preferred.
3. With good Analysis ability, Team cooperation ability, responsibility.
4. Familiar with office software, Internet and Common electronic business.
5. Have driver\'s license is preferred..
Job descriptions:
1. Responsible for finding new customer, customer tracking, opening a new business.
2. Maintenance, visit old customers.
3. Track the customer, listen the proposal, provide technical support, help customers to use the products .
4. Accord to the need, predict the production plan.
5. Control the customer credit and recove money.
6. Accord to the sales target, finish the sales task.
7. Communicate with colleague, submit relevant reports.