Corporate Culture


1. Put the customers first, create value for customers.
2. High efficiency and team spirit are the basic requirements for every employee.
3. Keep learning is the necessary facts for sustainable development.
4. Create a good platform for employees. Growing our people is the way to grow our business for the long term.


Honesty: Our code of conduct includes business integrity, labor relations, health, safety and community involvement. It provides strict rules for doing business in a fair and open way.
Profession: Keep learning, keep researching and gradually become professional talents.
Diligence: As the saying goes: the early bird catches the worm, diligence redeems stupidity.
Service: Keep enhancing service consciousness to customers, society, employees etc.
Society: Create employment opportunities, create values for our society.
Domain: Promote the development of the whole domain.
Customers: Offer high performance price ration products to our customers.
Cooperators: Cooperators are our friendly partners, create financial rewards for cooperators and maximize their interest.
Employees: Create opportunities for employees to make great achievement in their careers.