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 One of the R&D center of our company is a part of National Research Center of Ultrafine Powder (NRCUP) in ECUST.  NRCUP is responsible for developing new products and  base experiment. The other is enterprise R&D laboratory which is responsible for technical support, process improving  and industrialization experiment. We have five research direction: high precision rare earth polishing powder, nano-sized CeO2 polishing liquid (CMP), rare earth oxygen storage material, rare earth thermal stabilizer, rare earth luminescent materials.
    R&D center has excellent equipments which are used in developing and analysing rare earth new function materials. We have 0.5 m3 reaction kettle, 0.5 m3 dispersion machine, small and medium-sized airflow crusher, large hot air drying oven, centrifuge, Steam generator, air compressor and air purification equipment ect.engineering research equipment. We also have TEM, Coulter LS-230 Particle Size Analyser, Omec Particle Size Analyser, ASAP2100 BET Surface Analyser, Zeta Sizer4 Potential Analyser, TG-SDTA-851E Thermal Analyzer andUltraviolet Spectrophotometer etc. analysis test instrument. As the same time, our company invests much money in technological improvement, research and technology promotion.